Board game “Malyava” is for 3 to 6 players, each of them assumes a role of a prison inhabitant.
First task is a role distribution: Cop (Guard) and Kingpin (Prison Boss) are two mandatory roles, rest of the players will be Inmates. Roles are assumed by random card choice and players have to conceal their roles when they get a card. By asking each other tricky questions, everyone is trying to identify who is a Cop. If his bluff was successful and Cop wasn’t detected, he gets a chance to swap the roles with any other player.

If you can’t wait to start an exciting game you might as well skip the process of Cop detection. However, it’s a great opportunity to establish communication between the players who don’t know each other very well.

Each player gets:
• 3 coins,
• a map (base version or expansion one),
• Start cards: “Game of chance” (from the expansion) and “Kite” (Cop doesn’t get this one)
• 2 “Lousy life” cards

Cop is the first to move and then each next player moves clockwise. Main task is to create a strategy by purchasing cards, and to earn some cash. “Inmates” players also have to refill prisoner’s “Common card”

The move itself consists of 2 parts: Profit faze and Strategy faze.
During the Profit faze player rolls dice and the number on it activates all “Lousy life” cards with the same number.

Side note: “Lousy life” cards are divided by the action type

Cards of the first type bring profit to all players

Cards of the second type bring profit to an active player only.

It’s a really cool type of “Lousy life” cards! But you gotta pay attention. While the active player gets profit from this type of card, other players can also profit from someone else’s roll, however, they can also lose money, if the card requires any expenses or payments.

Getting back to the Strategy faze – a player whether purchases one of the “Lousy life” cards or makes a move on a map. While moving on a map he fulfills the tasks written on each sector of the map.
Sometimes it brings profit, sometimes – unexpected surprises. For example, at the “Church” sector you don’t pay mugging fees to your opponents and can’t gamble. At the “Trap” sector you have to perform one of the funny tasks and will be rewarded for it, otherwise, will have to pay a penalty.

In addition, during the Strategy faze a “Inmates” player can use a “Kite” card. Inmate chooses a word from the list and draws it in the letter to another inmate, while Cop tries to snatch this letter by guessing the word first.

Be ready for a real challenge and make sure to use your strategic skills at 100%. “Game of Chance” is our favorite card and it can be a real game changer. You may win a jackpot or loose everything you got, however, nothing will stop you from playing again and again if dices will show double numbers.

Finally the one who achieves freedom first wins!

Guys, we’ve tried to keep this video short and only picked some key moments from the game play to demonstrate you dynamics and some action